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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Target Easter Clearance!

If you haven't headed to Target so! Easter items are on clearance! Food is 50% off and non food items are 70% off! I went to the Issaquah Target store this morning and found lots of great deals! The signs were wrong so make sure you scan items!

This picture is all Easter related stuff. Easter wreath $5.99 regular $19.99, Window decorations were $3.60 for 6 regular $12! Towels $1.49 regular $4.99. Plates $1.04, regular $3.49. Foam Eggs $1.50 regular $5.Tape $1.50 regular $5. Bunny cup $1.19 regular $3.99. Table cloths $1.49 regular $4.99! Spritz bunny decorations $1.5 regular $5!

All these items can be used for other things than just Easter decorations. The table cloth was $3.89 regular $12.99, it is a spring decoration! The cup is Spring colors $1.19 regular 3.99. The Hello Kitty lip gloss and nail art was $1.49/regular $4.99. The lamb was $2.99 regular $9.99. The Spritz critters are cute spring animals $1.50/e regular $5! The tissue paper is pink and red and yellow and blue $0.45 regular $1,80. The deviled egg holder is pink and was only $1.50 regular $5! The doll was $1.49 regular $4.99 and the booties were clearanced to $1.98. The 2 pack of muffin tins were $2.99/e! regular $9.99! (I bought one for my mom:)

Let me know what you find!

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