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Saturday, July 25, 2015

DIY Framed Fabric Corkboard

This was an EASY craft that took me about 30 minutes to do. And the best part IT COST ME NOTHING! I either had everything or got everything FREE from my Buy Nothing group on Facebook. 

What you will need:
Old Frame, glass not needed (if it doesn't have a cardboard back, you will need cardboard the size of                                                   the frame)
Corkboard (I used a roll I got free on buy nothing)
Fabric (large enough for frame)
hot glue gun
Staple gun
(optional spray paint)

Step-by-step directions:
First, pick out a frame that you want (see frame above). If you want a large pin board then get a large frame, if you want medium, etc. Remember you can spray paint your frame any color you want so if shopping at the thrift store, craigslist, or have an old one lying around you can make it new again!
I found a frame I liked and did not need to spray paint.

Second, if you are spray painting do this step first. No need to take out glass since going to discard. Spray paint, dry and go to next step.

If not spray painting, take out old picture from your frame. If have backing rip off and discard. (This photo was $50, I got it free!)

May need to use a butter knife to pry open fasteners on back. No need to be careful about glass, you will throw it away anyway:)

Remove picture from frame. My picture had layers so I took off all the layers and just kept the flat backing.


Next, put into a trash bag and hit the glass hard with hard object (this was the fun part!) I used the butter knife:) Throw in garbage can right away to prevent injury.

Next, measure your cork board by placing your frame backing on top of it. Cut around with a sharp knife.

Next, hot glue the cork board to backing by lifting small sections at a time so the glue does not dry. Push firmly to seal, go around whole square.

Next, measure your fabric about 2 inches longer on all sides. Cut. I used a table cloth I bought on clearance years ago and never used.

Iron the fabric, if needed.

Staple the fabric ALONG THE EDGES ONLY AND TIGHT! Can cut off extra fabric so can fit properly back into frame.

Next. my frame came with a border, so I attached it to the back for extra support, this is optional.
Fasten down the metal fasteners to hold in cork board.

And there you go! I am going to put this in my teenagers skateboard theme room. I will post pics when it goes up. 
Happy crafting!!

Let me know how yours tuned out!

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