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Living in today’s world, the internet is the quickest, easiest way to get information. Kids often search the internet for games to play, help on homework, etc. For us parents we are never sure what is really safe, free, and age appropriate.
I searched many websites for different age groups and found several that are safe, free and age appropriate! I have 4 categories: Infants & Toddlers, Preschoolers, K-12, and Parents & Teachers.
Click on the link below for a list of great websites!
Infants & Toddlers – Fun websites to introduce young children to computers. They can learn basic shapes and colors, play simple games, and most of all have fun! My 2 year old has played many of them to test them outJ
Preschoolers – Age appropriate websites that help preschoolers gain strengths in developmental areas such as language, writing, math, science, art, reading, and more! I am a preschool teacher and use many of these websites!
K-12 – Websites for children ages 5-18. Children in grades K-5 can play games, watch educational shows, and most important learn while doing it! Children in Middle-school and High-School can play games, practice math facts, get homework help, and find safe websites to do research on!
Parents & Teachers – Websites for parents and teachers can be for just parents or just teachers or both! Just because we are parents does not mean we don’t teach our children! Find websites to help you learn what is age appropriate for your child, print lesson plans, find crafts, and more!

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