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Extremely Easy Couponing is not all about clipping coupons for your grocery store shopping trip. Although buying in bulk at its cheapest price is the best way to shop and stockpile, you can still be successful using coupons for FREE or almost FREE items here and there. Having 50 of 1 coupon if it is FREE is nice, but sometimes not realistic for all of our different lifestyles. Just having one coupon for one FREE item is still a success! 

To be honest I used to coupon at several stores when I was a stay at home mom, but I have found just purchasing the FREE items, finding chicken at its cheapest price, etc.  is still a win:)

It is about finding the best deals online, shopping clearance, making meals at home, making crafts, and more, that will help the financial challanges of our day to day life a bit easier:)

Those who want to clip one or 50 coupons and save at the grocery store, the following information is for you!

Basics (see below)


(to see info on Newspapers, Stockpile, Rainchecks, Catalina's, and Lingo click the links above!)

Where do I get coupons?
First thing is first. SAVE ALL COUPON INSERTS from the Sunday paper or mail. (Coupon inserts are normally Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G.) Do not cut anything. The deals I post will MOSTLY have the issue date and name of insert. All you need to do is simply look it up and cut as you find a deal! 

There are also printable coupons available in my posts which are highlighted, once you click it will direct you to the coupon that YOU NEED TO PRINT. Before you print make sure the printer is turned on and working (has ink) or else you can lose your coupon. Most sites allow 1-2 coupons to print, as soon as you hit print, that counts as one, if your printer doesn't print it, that;s it!

How do I organize my coupons?
I recommend you save your Sunday inserts in separate large envelopes and organize by date received. Label each insert with a permanent marker on the front with the issue date to better locate. 

Then label each large envelope Smart Source (SS), one for Red Plum (RP) and one for P&G (PG). Also label one OTHER. (Sometimes you receive other inserts like General Mills, etc.)

There will be coupons that you cut and don’t use, or print, or receive in the mail. Where do I put all these??? See Starting a Coupon Binder below.

***Note that most coupon inserts come in the Sunday paper, other arrive in the mail. I receive the Red Plum through the mail, but receive the P&G and Smart Source in the Sunday paper.

How do I know which coupons to look for in the paper or mail?

Before you receive your coupons in the newspaper/mail, you can see which ones you are getting days before! Check out the
Sunday Coupon Preview. You can view the coupons you will receive in the upcoming Sunday paper as soon as the Thursday before! You can also view coupons from the past. This makes it easier than looking through each insert to find a coupon. Use this website to find your coupon, then go back to your labeled insert, find, and cut!


The next step is my way of organizing all coupons I receive:) You do not have to use this, you can simply follow the deals I have posted, but if you want to look for deals on your own this is a great tool to set up! This is the electronic version of a coupon binder!

Organizing through Excel
If you do not have Excel, not to worry, you will still save lots of money. This is just an easy way I came up with to view all the coupons I have. 
This way there is NO CUTTING coupons until I need them.
This may be confusing for those who do not use Excel, but for those who do this is a neat and easy trick! Below represents if you were to get 1 Sunday paper a week. (If you receive multiple insert see tip at bottom of page)

First open excel and make 4 tab headers named: PRODUCT: ED:DEALER:ISSUED

******PRODUCT DEAL - this is where you will copy and paste ALL the information on the Sunday coupon preview website. (Each insert at a time). I find it easier to copy and paste to word first, then copy and paste to EXCEL. From WORD, type control A, and paste to an open line under PRODUCT DEAL (example highlighted below) DON'T FORGET TO SAVE AS YOU GO ALONG!

******ED (expiration date): In this column you will simply look at the product information you copied and look at the date in the parenthesis (example (1/15 ). This is the expiration date. This is important to add so you can delete the coupons that are expired. This is the only section that takes a few minutes to do, the rest is copy and pasting! 

******DEALER:(this is where you will enter SS for Smart source, PG for P&G, RP for Redplum, and CB for coupon binder (see below for coupon binder info) this way when looking up a coupon you know exactly from which dealer! Simply enter it once, then copy and paste it down to the end of the PRODUCT AND COUPON you just entered.

******ISSUED: This is where you enter the issue date of the whole coupon insert to find the exact insert in your manila envelope. Simply copy/paste the issue date and apply to the end of the PRODUCT AND COUPON you just entered.

How to use your coupon database in EXCEL

Delete expired coupons
Before searching for a coupon, you want to make sure you delete coupons that have expired.
Below see how I highlighted the ED column and clicked sort and filter A-Z to sort by most recent date? Here the expired coupons will be at the top so you can easily delete them!
lets say the date is 5/30 so you want to delete the 5/29 smart balance coupon from your EXCEL sheet. First you want to highlight the entire row 2, right click and click delete row (see below)
Now below you have your updated list!

Search for a coupon
There are 2 ways to search for a coupon. You can highlight the entire PRODUCT AND COUPON section and click sort & filter A - Z to search alphabetically (see below)

or type ctrl F and open the Find and Replace button, below I entered oxiclean and hit the Find All button...

this is where it takes me on excel below after I use the Find and Replace feature
Now you can see there are 8 coupons for this product...the date they expire right next to it, the coupon dealer, and the issue date! Now you can easily pull out your SS manila envelope, find the marked issue dates and find the coupon and cut! DO NOT FORGET TO DELETE THE COUPONS YOU USE!

Multiple coupon inserts
If you have multiple coupon inserts you want to add a new tab:
******QTY (Quantity) - here you can put the number of inserts you receive. This way if you have 10 inserts, but use 3 coupons, you can change the quantity to 7 instead of deleting the entire coupon (see below)

Starting a Coupon Binder

At first I did not have to do this. But there are many times that I cut coupons but failed to go to the store, and or printed hot coupons, printed the wrong coupon, or received coupons in the mail or from other sources like the grocery store or magazine. This is where a coupon binder comes in handy. Make sure you add all coupons in your online excel sheet, I use the code CB for issue date and dealer.

First you will have to purchase 3 things....
·  A large three ring binder – I strongly suggest that you get a binder that zippers or Velcro’s closed, and get the largest binder you can afford. 3 inches or larger is best. If you drop it, or your child drops it or it falls out of the get the picture:)
·  Plastic organizing sheets – Most people use baseball card holder sheets to start off with, you can add in other sizes of sheets such as those for photos, currency, etc. for larger coupons, however these are not needed, I personally just use baseball card pages and no other sizes. I may fold a coupon but never at the bar code.
·  Dividers – You can either use divider pages or self-stick tabs which can be found at any office supply store or big box retailer.

I like to organize alphabetically. But find a system that works best for you. Some people put the categories they use the most up front, or organize to the isle of your favorite store you shop at the most. Since I shop at multiple stores, I do it ABC style. Here is how I organize by category:

Air fresheners/ Candles, Baby, Baking Needs, Beverages, Breads, Breakfast , Candy, Canned, Condiments, Dairy, Dish washing, feminine needs, food miscellaneous, freezer, grains/side dishes, hair care, household misc., laundry, meat, medicine/first aid, oral hygiene, Pasta, Pets, produce refrigerated, shaving/deodorants, skincare/makeup, snacks/cookies,  soaps, soups, surface cleaners. 

Then you just need to add the tabs. I add a letter on the tab. So I have a tab A, B, C, D, (no E), F and so on!

Finally put your ABC list infront of your binder so you remember where you placed the coupon.

When there are deals posted, check your binder or excel sheet for great deals! This is a job you have to do on your own:) You can also take it to the stores with you and check out clearance isles:)

ALSO! Put your name, address, phone number in your binder! Just in case you leave it in the store heaven forbid!

Cutting coupons
Log on daily to for the best deals. Here I will
share what deals are the hottest and post what coupons to print or cut out so save you $100's!

When can I start saving?
Now! It may take a few months to really get the best deals, this is because most coupons last about 2 months or more! If you just started saving coupon inserts, there may be deals you can not make yet, be patient and there will be deals you can get by printing coupons, and you still receive the item on sale. This is a good time to learn what to look forward to, soon you too will be saving big GREEN!

Have fun!
If you have any questions about EXCEL, coupon binders, or have a great shopping trip I would love to hear about it! I am willing to help you!!!!

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