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Friday, July 25, 2014

How to Choose the 'Perfect Watermelon'

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(1) Make sure it is symmetrical. It can be circular or oval as long as it has the same shape, no flat sides. If it is not symmetrical, this means areas received an inconsistent amount of water or sunlight. 

(2) Choose a dull colored watermelon. A shiny green watermelon indicates it is underripe.

 (3) Find the field mark. This is the large creamy yellow spot on one area of the watermelon. It does not matter where this spot is, as long is there is only one and NOT WHITE. This is where the watermelon was sitting on the vine laying in the field getting right. If it is white it is underripe. 

(4) Look for webbing and black spots. This indicates sweetness. Back when your watermelon was a itty bitty flower, webbing indicates where the bee pollinated it! The more webbing, indicates multiple bees pollinated your watermelon! 

(5) The black crusty spots people think is dirt, is sugar from your watermelon seeping out which indicates sweetness!

Have fun enjoying your sweet watermelon!
(Click HERE to see how to cut it EASY!)

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