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As a child, I was always creative and tried to do things just a bit differently. I got married at a very young age of 19. At the age of 21 I had my first son Caleb. Shortly after, my husband joined the Army in hopes to save money (see why we are married?) to become a nurse, but God had different plans.
While we were stationed in Fort Riley Kansas, September 11th happened.  In October 2001 my second son Jaiden was born. My husband was always training with the threat of war always on the back of our minds. Soon I found myself alone often with a lot of responsibilities. I found CRAFTY ways to save, and began COUPONING!
In 2003 my husband was sent to war and I was alone pregnant with my 3rd son (Jacob). Soon by the age of 25 I had three boys ages 3, 1, and a newborn with my husband deployed to Iraq. He spent 15 months away. During those 15 months I found many ways to save by using coupons, shopping clearance, using new recipes, making crafts, etc. My friends and family were amazed at how much I saved! And I was a little bit too! 

My husband’s dreams of becoming a nurse came to a crash when he got out of the ARMY and was diagnosed with PTSD. He also had other injuries that have required surgery. In 2010 he was put on disability and was no longer able to work at the age of 32! We still find our selves struggling pay-check to pay-check but we make it work by couponing and finding the best deals!
During that same year he was put on disability,  I was in my last year of going back to college, and became pregnant with our 4th son Caeson..(surprise!).
I soon graduated (with honors:) from WSU with a BA in Human Development, a minor in Psych, and a certificate in Early Childhood Education (with a newborn!). When our 4th son was 7 months old I handed over the reins of a stay at home mom for 10 years to my husband and went back to work as a Head Start teacher teaching preschool children coming from low income families. Our finances got even tighter, but we manage to save, and even give from couponing!

Soon after I started working, I started using the internet for deals. Since I did all my schooling online I was very comfortable using the internet
J I was still clipping coupons and shopping clearance, but I wanted to find more ways to save! The internet taught me how to start collecting freebies, how to organize my coupons, and much more!
So many friends and families were asking questions how I was able to save so much that I started this blog! This blog is truly to help those that I care about save. I truly believe in “loving your neighbor as thy self” and since all of you are my cyber neighbors I am sharing the love! One doesn't have to have a lot of money to share the most important thing of all…LOVE!
SEE below to see FAQ's about my blog
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FAQ’s about my blog!

I am interested in couponing, how do I start?
If you click on my ‘Basics’ tab it explains in details all about couponing. You will find information on how to start couponing, how to organize, learn coupon lingo, and more!

You live in Seattle area, I do not. Can I still use this site?
Of course! The ‘My stores’ tab has deals for the stores in my area which mostly WA, OR and CA,  but all the online deals, recipes, kids websites, freebies, games, and more are for the whole country, some even out of country! I do sometimes post the best area deals in the Seattle area, but what can I say, I love Seattle!

I have a great deal or a great coupon experience to share, how do I do this?
Easy! You can email me or comment on any one of my posts! I love to hear about what other people find…this is why I started blogging in the first place!

How do I find a specific deal on your page?
If you are looking for a specific deal, search it in the ‘Search this Blog’ tab located on the right hand side of the page! I do list the weekly store deals, freebies, recipes, kids websites, games, seasonal and contests in their own tabs on the top of my page!

I am a busy person, I cannot always get to a computer, how do I keep up?
Easy! If you sign up to receive emails (and have a phone that can check your email), the deals will be sent right to your phone and you can view them on the go! You can also sign up to my Facebook page to be updated on the latest deal so you don’t miss out wherever you are!

 Sometimes my favorite stores do not have coupon match-ups for a certain week, why?
There are a few answers for this. I am too a busy person working part time and taking care of my 4 boys. Sometimes I may not have the time to search all the deals for all the stores. But I usually post the best store deals possible for the week. If there are just a few things at one store I may just post their single deals in a blog post and not a match-up for the entire store.

Where do you find your deals?
I search MANY different sites for deals. I receive about 50 emails a day with different deals from various websites. It took me about 2 years to start finding the best deals. They are always changing and I am always changing to make sure it is the best deal!

Other blogs have several posts a day, you have few, why?
I only post the deals that I use myself. There is so much SCAM out there I make sure the deal is valid before sharing with my friends. Also, other bloggers blog to make money and use it as a full time job. I would love to have more time, but raising 4 boys and working part time truely limits my time. I hope you understand:)

Your blog look sometime changes, why?
I am sorry for the changes to my blog. I am always trying to find the right look to make it easier for you to view! I am trying out new looks (which of course are free)! If you don’t like the way it looks please let me know!

I have accumulated a lot of overflow stockpile and/or have freebies that I do not use, what can I do with it?
If you visit my FREEBIE and MY STORES tabs it has ideas of what to do with your extras! There are ways to donate to your local food bank, church, or other charities. Or there are ideas to make gift baskets for bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas, etc. There is also ways to bargain with neighbors

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  1. Hi Shannon,
    It was interesting reading your life story. I find some perspective to the book I am currently reading by Mario Puzo called the Dark Arena. Story taking place in Germany in the years after the 2nd World War.

    Anyhow. I saw your reply in another blog and was tempted to send you a hello. You can visit my blog at Luxury Backpacker . Maybe we could start an experience sharing group or something.