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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Preschool learning websites!

Since I am a Pre-school teacher I thought I would share the best Educational sites for Preschoolers…and of course they are all FREE!
I added this in my tab labeled Preschool!

*in Spanish
** more than one language


ABC’s – Starfall teaches you your ABC’s, then has 3 levels to move up on!

Alphabet - An Interactive Alphabet game from Kaboose!

Bebboszoo – Introduces ABC’s that come to life into Zoo animals.

**Literacy Center – Introduces Upper/lowercase letters, shapes, numbers, colors, writing, and keyboard practice! (English, Spanish, Deutsch, and Francais).

Peppa Pig – Word Puzzles and games from the TV show Peppa Pig.

*Poisson Rouge – Reading website introducing Spanish words.


Color mixing -  HMH School Publishers introduces a game to learn to mix colors.


Mr. Rogers – Part of PBS helps kids with social emotional skills!

Nick Jr.Noggin (now NickJr.) - Favorite educational shows such as Dora, Bubble Guppies, umizoomi, fresh beat band, Diego, Max & Ruby, and more! They also have crafts, recipes, games, and more!

*Paint – Dreezle has a game similar to Microsoft Paint but simpler for children (no reading so can be used in different languages!

PBS KidsEducational programming with shows such as Zoboomafo, Mister Rogers, Barney, Arthur, etc. They also have games, activities, reading, and much more for kids of all ages!

Sesame Street – Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover and the rest of the cast help you learn! They also have interactive story books, games, coloring pages, and more!

Thomas the Train – Thomas and his friends teach some great life lessons. There is also coloring pages and games!


Cookie – has several good games covering the basics of preschool math including learning numerals, shapes, counting, patterns and more complex games after the basics are learned!

Count Us In – designed a game to help children understand basic number concepts.


Lawrence Hall Of Science - Interactive games that let you use your hands, feet, eyes, ears, brain, imagination and cool tools to learn science!

Science games - from cookie that teaches children about animals, transportation, farm animals, and your 5 senses!

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