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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Ideas

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This was a fun Birthday. My sons birthday is in January, so before Christmas I always know what theme the party will be so I can shop for ideas during the Christmas clearance...for me I try to use red and green, but depending when your child's birthday is, you can use the colors from the previous holiday and find ideas on clearance!


 Purchase enough green apples for your guests. Buy Fruit By the Foot in either red, orange, purple, or blue (or a mixture of all). I bought mine at Target and there was only red. You may have to go to a few stores to find different colors or order online. I also bought the candy eyes at Target, located  in the cake decoration section. (I also used the same eyes for the cupcakes). The mouth is black gel frosting (that I had bought clearance after Halloween:)

Wash and dry the apples, remove any stickers. Wrap the fruit roll up around the top of the apple and
cut off the rest. (I used 1 fruit roll up for about 3 medium apples). With a dab of frosting stick the eyes on. Make a face with the gel.
Optional - you can add a wooden stick through the top for kids to grab and eat easier:)
I made 16. The kids loved them and it is a healthier treat:)

For the party I ordered 5 cheese pizzas. I bought pepperoni and olives and made a could have been cuter but this was rushed and the last thing I did:)


I took a case of water and removed the labels. First I opened the water bottles and added 2 drops of green food coloring, put cap back on and shook well.
Next, I placed 3 pieces of double sided tape around the water bottle where the label was, then I used orange, red, purple, and blue streamers to wrap around the water bottles. 

I bought 2 bags of oreo like cookies, placed then on a plate, and labeled them sewer lids:)

I bought 2 boxes of chocolate cupcake mix, and multicolored liners (with red, blue, purple, and orange), I baked according to package, and let cool completely.  TO FROST: I used 2 cans of vanilla frosting (I used green food coloring to make it green), and spread over the top of all cupcakes. I used 2 more cans of vanilla frosting and scooped it into 4 bowls. I added to each bowl; blue, red, orange, and purple food coloring for the color of the masks. I put my own decorating tool inside a cut corner of  a sandwich ziplock baggie to make the lines of the mask. I then stuck on candy eyes (bought at Target in cake decoration isle, also used for ninja turtle apples). Finally I made mouths with black gel frosting (I bought clearance from Halloween:)

I had purchased clear plastic cups clearance from Christmas, as well as the M&Ms. I bought 10 red and green bags from Target Christmas clearance at 70% off and separated them. I stored them in gallon zip lock baggies. I put them in the cups for decorations and snack. I put the left overs back in the baggies and used the red ones for Valentines, and the Green ones for Saint Patrick's Day:)

I bought the hanging decorations, table cloth, plates, and napkins at Target. I also ended up adding my sons ninja turtle figurines around the table and present area (after I took the pic:( Since the food was themed it made nice decorations too!

I bought 16 mini Ninja Turtle buckets in the Target dollar section for $1 each. 
I bought 2 boxes of Ninja Turtle tattoos in the party section and cut them up, each child got 6. Since my sons birthday is January 23rd, I was able to get some packaged valentines toys such as bouncy balls, bubbles, and erasers in a large quantity for $3-$5! I also found ninja turtle valentines you make into a mask, I premade each mask and put it in each give away bucket! I also added a ninja turtle fruit snack:)

Image result for green gak
I made this ahead of time and put into zip lock sandwich baggies. I gave it to the kids separately so they would not mistake is as food:) Perfect for Ninja turtle theme and easy to make! You can also have it as a craft for the kids to make:)

Image result for how to make gak
Each batch below made enough for 2 individual sandwich baggies.

4 ounce bottle of glue
1 teaspoon Borax (found in laundry detergent isles in stores:)
green food coloring
warm water

Take off lid to glue and add all to bowl. Fill entire glue bottle with warm water and dump into bowl. Mix well. Next add food coloring and mix. Then use a 1/2 cup of warm water and add 1 tsp. of Borax and mix....then add to the glue mixture. Use hands to mix until completely formed (about 2 minutes). 

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