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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Super Bowl Decorations - Pom Pom

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This was soooooo EASY to make...and cheap!
You can make these for any party occasion! Baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, birthday, and of course Super Bowl!

(1) First you need to purchase either crepe paper sheets or tissue paper. 

I would recommend tissue paper, but I only found the colors I needed it crepe paper. You can find tissue paper on clearance after just about any holiday...I love to get it after Christmas and Valentines day, have the best colors! The Dollar Tree has lots of tissue paper too!

If using crepe paper (with the size shown below)  I cut the sheet in half and half again, to make fuller use 2 sheets. When using tissue paper you will need 16-20 pieces to make it full.

Here are 2 colors cut...this is what the size looks like.
(2) If you have wire you can use wire to make it more sturdy...but I did not have any so I used thread! I cut a large piece about 2 feet (you can always trim!) depending on how high or low you want to hang your pom poms) to wrap in the center and left enough to tie a loop for hanging.

(3) If using 2 colors, lay out your colors in a, white, blue, white, etc. Then fold like an accordion like you are making a paper fan like you used to do as a child switching sides roughly every 1-1/2 to 2 inches until you reach the end. \

(4) Tie the thread on one side, then the other. Tie the loop on the side you want to be closest to the ceiling. 

 (5) Cut the edges in a pointed arrow shape, or a rounded curve, up to you! It does not matter if it is even, once it is fanned you can not tell!

 (6) Spread it out like a bow tie and lift have the layers on both sides toward the top.

(7) Then turn over and repeat for the other side. Using your fingers to glide toward the center like shown below helps prevent tear and helps separate the best!

Once you are done, move around until you get the shape and fullness you desire!
I made a blue one, green one, and 2 blue and white ones!

Here is a closeup!

How did you make yours? 
I would love to see!

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