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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Super Bowl Decorations living room

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I will break down room for room how I decorated for the Super Bowl step by step, and for how much:)

First was the living room.
On top of Piano
I painted the wine bottles with chalkboard paint, and used  chalkboard pen to draw on the letters. (See project HERE)
I used blue, green, and white ribbon to tie around the tops for extra color.
The #12 on the picture in the background was used with streamers and tape.
The 2 decorations on both sides of the Seahawks sign are things I had in the game room:)

TV area
Where all the actions happened:)
The only item I splurged on was the big 'Go Hawks' sign.
Under the TV is a blue and green boa that I bought from the dollar tree and intertwined together. 
There is also a signed white football by a Seahawks player.

TV area
Either side of the TV has the #12 in lights
From the after clearance sale at Target I bought blue lights at 90% off! I used little plastic adhesive hooks and put them on the shelves to hook the lights into place (something I also got on clearance!)

The #1 bookshelf
I added some silver tinsel and footballs from our game room along with the towel

The #2 bookshelf
Again I added signed footballs and other Seahawk items from the game room along with silver tinsel.

Coffee table
I had botton a large green table cloth at the dollar tree, and I cut it to fit the island in the kitchen and the coffee table in the living room. I used blue and green placemat crepe paper I bought in a 50pk each for about $4 each at the party store. Since I will have more Seahawk parties I bought this item in the bulk since it was better deal. The Salsa was in a $1 football dish I bought at Target.

This was the window I painted in the living room, not the best art work but you can use your own imagination.
I bought blue, green, and white pens you can write on windows with from the dollar tree, so only spent $3. (I also painted windows in kitchen and bathroom, and cars:)

Hope these are some ideas you can use for your football parties!

Let me know what you do!

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