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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottle Craft

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I sooooo love this craft! It is not only looks so elegant in the living room:) AND it is chalkboard paint so I can change the letters for any occasion!
You can write out your last name, write Christmas, Love, whatever!
I am going to add a few more things to it, I will post it in my super bowl party post:)
So this Sunday is a big day for us Seattle fans... the Super Bowl!
I will post other crafts I made for the Super Bowl soon!

Step one: Collect enough wine bottles for each letter you want on your bottles. You can either just rinse out the bottle and leave the labels on, or soak them and take the labels off (using a label remover such as goo be gone). Let dry 24 hours. I left my labels on! I had 8 bottles.

 Step two: You need to purchase chalk board paint. You can get a small 3oz bottle (if you are plannin on doing this project only) from your local craft store, or you can purchase a bigger can at local hard ware store such as Home Depot or Lowes. I got this 30oz. can  for about $10...and there is more than half a can left and I have also done these projects HERE!

 Step Three: Paint a coat of paint with a medium sized paint brush and let dry for 4 hours. Paint another coat. Let dry for 48 hours. **watch for drips coming from the grooves of the bottle and smooth out.

 here is what it looks like with one can see the label still

 Step Four: On a Microsoft Word program, or of your choice, insert word art block letters at 300 size font. Print them and cut them out. Measure about 2 inches from bottom of bottle, and tape lightly to bottle.

 Step five: With a chalkboard ink pen (can be bought at craft store, I bought mine on Amazon , I got 8 different colors and I love them) trace around the cut out letter and remove paper. then color in with pen!

 Yep. It is that easy! 

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