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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Super Bowl Decorations - Kitchen

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Here is how I decorated the kitchen for the Super Bowl Seahawks Party!

The Food Table
I bought a Seahawks table cloth from QFC. I bought green and blue silverware and green and blue cups and mixed them together. I added some white silverware to the mix (that I already had). 
I had 2 crockpots with BBQ and hot wings. There was mini weenie crescent rolls.
The centerpiece was Skittles that spelled BEASTMODE (see HERE).
The cupcake holder was doughnuts from Krspie Kreme that we bought for breakfast, they were of course Seahawk colors so I displayed them!
We bought 2 Seahawk balloons.
The snack bags (see HERE) were with beast corn (see HERE).
More food was brought in and set on the table:)

The window
Here is a close up look at the Skittles, and the window I painted with the dollar tree window pens:)
I also placed some beaded necklaces onto the table (green, blue, and silver)

 The Island
The island was set up as a taco bar.
The table cloth was a large one from the dollar tree that I cut to fit the island and the coffee table in the living room. I also set underneath the crockpots crepe paper place mats. 
The ceiling had pom poms I made out of large crepe paper sheets.
The 2 crockpots were filled with nacho cheese sauce and taco meat. 
There was onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, olives, salsa, and sour cream set up in football bowls and platters from the dollar tree and dollar sections at Target.
We had chips, hard, and soft tacos for the ultimate nacho bar!

TV in kitchen
We brought down the TV from our bedroom into the kitchen so no one would miss the game while getting snacks!

How would you set up your kitchen?

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