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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Craft Idea for under $5!

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There have been a few nice days outside, and many more to come!
I wanted to make something for my outside table that was spring-like.
I decided to paint some jars to put some candles in!
*If you have a lid, either take the lid off or leave it open for a real candle, or put a battery operated candle inside for safety:)

I had the big jar already, but I bought the 2 little jars for $1.00/e at Michael's. 
I bought the spring paint colors for $2.99!
I googled free flower stencils on google and printed this one out and taped it into the jar. I printed smaller flowers for the smaller jars.

Choose the colors you want. I used the light yellow for the middle and blue for the petals.
The stencil is to guide you, if you want lines in-between the petals like I did and the paint leaks together, just use the end of your paint brush to take the paint off (make sure it is not completely dry yet:)

I made blue flowers around the jar rotating one up and one down, then I did the same with the pink to fill in space. And that is that! 
It took about 1.5 hours to do:)

Here it is lit! Once it is lit you can make touch ups:)
Have fun!

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