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Friday, March 15, 2013

Extremely Easy Craft - word painting under $10!

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OK. So here is the story. 
My son called me at work to tell me he needed paint for his metals project, so I stopped by Michael's to buy it....well lets say Michael's to me is like Disneyland! So I got a few things for me:)

First, I bought the words below (including 'dream' seen above) for $1.99/e.
My living room has the colors black. red, and white. 

Since the letters are white, I left the Dream white, and bought red and black paint for $0.99/e to paint the others.

I painted the Believe black, the love red, and the imagine I did black, red, and white.
Make sure you put 2-3 coats (I did 3)

It does take time, so if you have little ones, bust out the water colors and have them paint with you!
My 3 year old loved it!

And walla! You have your own decorations (I used mine as wall art) for $9.94!

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