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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chalkboard paint made cheap and easy!

I am totally in love with this idea! 
Have you heard of chalk board paint? 
I haven’t either until a friend told me the other day!
Look at all the possibilities you can do!


walls, doors, or cupboards in the kitchen, pantry, craft room

kids room doors or walls


picture frames

name cards (if you are an event planner you could reuse them!)


game room or homework table

create a calendar in office, kitchen, etc.

flower pots



backside of island 

I researched ideas and found a way to make any color you want EXTREMELY EASY! AND…if you already have your own paint, or know how to score cheap paint, even CHEAPER!

I also figured out TIPS to share with how to figure out how much square footage you will be painting to know how much paint to buy, tape, etc. Hope this helps!

If you have your own paint, or want different colors, you need:

1 cup of (any color, and kind) paint (if using on walls, doors, cupboards I recommend latex paint)

Custom Building Products 5 lb. White Dry Tile Grout2 tablespoons white dry non-sanded tile grout (this is from Home Depot)
sandpaper (400 grit or higher)
paint brush (roller or foam brush)

Items you may need (depending on area) are:
frogtape (to tape edges or make lines)
plastic spoon (to stir paint)
solo cup (or larger container) to mix paint in

(1) Stir grout and paint together making sure there are no lumps. Only mix together as much as you need for each coat at a time because it tends to harden pretty quickly. (To figure out how much paint or tape you need, keep reading!)
(2) Paint your area using any paintbrush. For walls or doors or large areas use a paint roller, large brush or flat foam brush . Let dry.
(3) When dry, GENTLY sand down the area with sand paper (400 grit or higher), and wipe off with a BARELY damp paper towel. Let the area completely dry again (few minutes).
(4)Apply your second coat of chalk board paint by repeating step 2 and 3.
(5) Next you need to condition your chalkboard area. Take a piece of chalk and lay it flat side down and cover your entire painted area with the chalk. Wipe off with a piece of fabric (a plain sock will do!)
(6) Last, with a damp cloth, wipe clean (or dampen that sock turned inside out

*make sure you mix grout in a ventilated room
*only mix what you will use in that day for grout tends to harden

If you want to do use the same color but make a lighter shade (like a calendar project), use 1 cup of latex white for every 2 cups of color paint! IMPORTANT! If you use chalkboard paint and add the latex paint YOU NEED the 2tbls. of tile grout! If making your own, it would be 3 cups of paint so need 6tbls. tile grout!

If you have no paint or grout on hand, and you are only doing small areas, and all in the same color, I would recommend buying the premadechalkboard black paint. It is $10 at Home Depot for a little less than a quart! Or $15 at Lowes for a quart. (see how much paint you need below)

At HomeDepot you can buy a 5lb. bag of white-drynon-sanded tile grout for about $6.00.
If you are doing a small project like a picture frame, you can buy a 2oz. paint for about $1.00 at any craft store (here is an example at HomeDepot).

Do you know what you are going to create? Follow the guidelines below to transform your area to  a chalkboard! Have fun!

1 gallon covers 350 square feet
1 quart covers 87.5 square feet
1 cup covers 21.88 square feet

Flashback math facts! To find out how much paint to buy measure your area. Do you remember?
Times the length by height to get your square footageJ Coming back to you yet?
Door length = 2 feet
Door height = 6.7 feet
2 x 6.7 = 13.4 square feet (REMEMBER TO TIMES BY 2 FOR 2 COATS!)
Total square feet to be painted = 26.8 square feet

Now by looking at key above, you can see you are closer to using cups, so:
Divide your total square feet by the number given for cups:
26.8 / 21.88 = 1.3 cups of paint needed to paint your area!

60 yards = 180 feet

For example, if I were making a calendar, I would do the following:
Draw a calendar on a piece of paper to count your lines, that’s how many strips of tape you will need. You will multiply the number of lines going up by your height, and the number of lines going across by your width and add the two together to get the total number of feet.

HEIGHT = 8 lines X 9 feet
LENGTH = 13 lines X 23.8 feet
9 feet X 23.8 feet = 214.2 feet

divide 180 feet (the key) by your total number of feet 214.2 feet
214.2 / 180 = 1.19 rolls of 60 yard tape! So I will need 2 rolls!

Now you are set! Ready set paint!

I would love to hear about and see your chalk board creations! Please come back to share!


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