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Monday, January 2, 2017

90% Target Christmas Clearance saved $709.90!

Today is one of my favorite days! 90% off Target Christmas clearance!
This year I spent $119.27 and saved $709.90!

What I look for are things I can use all year round, birthday party ideas, (since I have a kid with a January can't go wrong with red and green!), and items I know I can use as gifts next year, gift wrap ideas for next year (bags, boxes, tissue paper), and cute Christmas decorations of course! Check out all the cool stuff!

Here is my gift wrapping station haul!
I spent $10.70 and saved $96.30 for all of this!

 Most bags were between $0.10 and $0.30. Boxes and gift tags were $0.25 and $0.30, and the tissue paper and ribbon was $0.30! Now I am set for wrapping for the next Christmas!

Here is my Star Wars Haul!
How cool is this!
I spent $12.10 and saved $108.90!

The stockings were $1.30, the 3pk ornaments were $1.20, and the Darth Vader ornaments were $0.90! 

Here is my Christmas decoration haul!
I spent $14.63 and saved$132.30!

The big set of 50 ornaments were $1.50, the light up snowman to the right was $1.20, and the rest cost just cents! I got 4 packs of bows, wreath holders, lights, signs, Window decals, and more!

Here are some big ticket items!
I spent $15.97 and saved $144!
These 2 lighted wreaths were $3 (regular $30 a piece!) The extension chords $0.99, and the stool was in the home decor section and was $7.99 (regular $79.99!)

Here is my everyday use haul!
I spent $3.40 and saved $30.60!
Plain color tissue paper, table cloths, and boxes!

Here is my bath haul!
I spent $30.91 and saved $69! This was only 70%off.

I got 4 old Spice gift sets to keep a stock here, there are 4 items in each box and they were only$2.99 each! I have 4 boys and 3 are excuse to stink again! The razers I want, the boys can have the cream, they were $2.99 as well, and the perfume are for gifts!

Food Haul. Wasn't much left. I am bummed I missed the M&Ms this year. I used them last year for my son's star wars birthday for dark side and green for good side (yes I sorted 10 bags!) 
I spent $1.90 and saved $7.10. This was 70% off. 

Candles and PJs. 
Spent $7.24 and saved $63.70!
The candles were $.99 for big single ones, and $1.29 for the 4pks. The pj's are for my 6 year old next year at $1.69 (regular $16.99!)

My stocking stuffer haul!
Spent $22.42 and saved $56!
I will use the chapstick, the princess perfume/shower gel will be for gift bags for birthday giveaway bags. The rest stocking stuffers!

That's my haul!
Please share pics of your haul, would love to see! Remember MANY stores such as department, retail, and drug stores have clearance....check them out!
Happy Shopping and happy savings!

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