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Friday, July 20, 2012



Why is it important to stockpile?

Grocery items hit sale trends about every 6 months. Think of the items you use every month and how many. Then calculate a years worth. For example, items I would need for my family of 6 for a year are:

· spaghetti sauce - 72 jars (average of 6 a month)

· cereal - 100 boxes (average 2 boxes a week)

· laundry detergent - 12

· toothpaste - 10

As you see the items vary in quantity.

When the items you would normally use on a daily or weekly basis are at extremely low prices or free, this is where you will save the big bucks buy buying in bulk! This is why it is important to have multiple coupons(by buying several papers) during these times!

The KEY is get what your family will need for a year, or at least 6 months. If you want to get more, or get items you would normally not use, these make good gifts for bridal showers (basket of baking items, or bathroom such as toothpaste, deodorant, laundry soap), baby showers (shampoo, wipes, diapers), stocking stuffers (nuts, coffee), etc. You may also have friends or relatives that would appreciate free groceries in exchange for babysitting? Or this is a good way to start a food drive or give it to local food banks or charities!

How much you buy is up to you. Make sure you have the space:) Buying what you will use is the best way to have a healthy stockpile! I usually buy 6 month’s worth of food items, but a year’s worth of non-perishable items (laundry soap, toothpaste).

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