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Friday, July 20, 2012


Catalina coupons print out of the register after completing and paying for a transaction.
There are different types of Catalina’s
· AMOUNT OF ITEMS -Ex. spend $25 in pamper products receive $5.00 off OYNO (on your next order). ***This could be before or after the coupons are deducted, check store policy before shopping.
· SPECIFIC PRODUCT - $1.00 off Langers Apple Juice
· FREE ITEM - Free milk
· NUBER OF ITEMS - Buy 4 Quaker Cereals, get $2.00 ONYNO
Ways to use Catalina’s
Make separate transactions.
Albertsons allows you to make 3 separate transactions (check store policy before). Here is an example of how I take advantage of a Catalina:
First transaction
6 crest toothpastes .75/1 PG 7/3 or 6/5 spend $3 receive $4 Catalina OYNO
2 Marie Callender frozen meals (online coupon) free
2 Nabisco snack well crackers $1/2 SS 6/19 spend $4 receive $4 Catalina OYNO
2 Baileys coffee creamers spend $1.00 receive $1 Catalina OYO
Total spend: $8 (+$9 Catalina’s)
Second transaction
1 Dannon Danimals spend $1
1 Dannon Dan-o-nino spend $1 receive $1 Catalina OYNO(with above)
2 malt o meal cereal spend $4 receive $3 Catalina OYNO
1 Johnsonville Italian sausage spend $3.29 receive $1 Catalina OYNO
4 Healthy choice soups spend $2 receive $1 Catalina OYNO
spend $10.29 - ($9 Catalina’s from first order)
= Total spend $1.29 (+$6 Catalina’s)
Third transaction
Tide $2/1 SS 7/17 spend $3.99
Chicken .99/lb spend $2.01
Spend $0 + free

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