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Friday, July 20, 2012


Rainchecks are tickets that the store will give you if the item you want is out of stock. This ticket guarantees you the sale price (usually up to 30 days) after you receive the rain check.
If you are buying large quantities it is helpful to call the store ahead of time and pre-order, or ask if they have the items still in stock. If not, simply get a raincheck for next time!
Fresh Produce
If fresh produce such as fruit, vegetable, and or meat is on sale but it is picked over, you can simply get a rain check for next time.
If you have a coupon that will expire before they get the quantity back in stock, you can ask for them to sell it to you now and get an IOU (call the store in advanceto see if they can do this). Or have them call another store location close and see if they have the item in stock.

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