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Monday, February 10, 2014

Super Bowl Party Bags

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These were so easy to make! I already had lunch bags, so I decided to make treat bags out of them! I had beast corn (green and blue popcorn) that I filled them with....and skittles you could add if you like:)

(1) First you need to take a lunch bag and fold it 3-4 times to make it shorter.
(2) Next I went to and made my own Seahawk labels by making circles of green and blue, and adding text such as Go Hawks, Beast Mode, and 12! (You can use your own program)
(3) Then I opened a word document and inserted the saved picture from my computer, and copied and pasted the image to make several buttons onto one page. Then I printed it onto photo paper and cut them out!
(4) Next I took a blue or green ribbon and taped both ends, one under the flap of the bag, and the other to the button.
(5) Last I filled with the Beast corn!

Beast corn recipe coming soon!


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