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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Clearance Shopping Ideas!

How to make the most out of your Christmas Clearance Shopping!

1.)   Don’t forget the little stores!
Those stores around your neighborhood you normally don’t go to as often (like your local drug stores) still sell Christmas items! If it is not a popular store, the chance is you will find more of what you are looking for still CLEARANCED!

2.)   Look for neutral items!
If you do not need another Christmas item, look for neutral items that are still marked a Christmas item and are on clearance. For example, plain red or green table cloths can be used for parties. Plain red or green wreaths good for Valentine’s Day or Saint Patrick’s Day. Napkins, paper plates, or cups! Brownie or cookie mix, they may have holiday frosting included but you don’t have to use it! My whole down stairs bathroom is decorated in hearts and roses 90% clearanced from Valentine’s Day for under $20!

3.)   Don’t forget coupons!
Bring your paper product coupons, and food items that most likely will be clearanced. For example coffeecreamer, paper plates, brownies, etc. Who knows, you could be getting free items!

4.)   Look at the Big Picture!
Look for little things that could be used in a gift basket. In the next year I am sure you will be sending a birthday gift, baby shower gift, wedding shower gift, etc. Look for items that can be used in a basket along with your freebies to make a great unique gift!

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