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Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to cut a watermelon EASY in under 5 minutes!

This is the most EXTREMELY EASY way to cut a watermelon...and it takes under 5 minutes! 
Plus there is minimal mess!

First pick out the perfect watermelon. (Click HERE how to choose the perfect watermelon.) 
Set it on a cutting board. (I had bought a meat cutting board because it is supposed to hold the meat juices, but I use it just for fruit. It holds all the juices from the watermelon nicely:)

Next, choose a sharp knife and cut the watermelon in half. (See how red and juicy it is!)

Then with a sharp knife, cut 3-4 lines on one side of the watermelon. Cut all the way through to the middle.

Then do the other side. Leave about an inch or two gap between the two sides.

Next, with the knife, begin cutting the watermelon around the rind.

Cut around the whole rind pushing all the way through the watermelon until you feel your knife hit the bottom of the rind.

Next cut horizontal and vertical lines from the top of the watermelon, push downward until you hit the rind and swipe one big cut, this assures you are cutting all the way down to the bottom. Repeat cuts until it looks like this:

Finally, get a large bowl, or a gallon zip lock bag, and turn over the watermelon. It will literally dump right out.

And clean up is easy! Just through away! (You can use a spoon if some pieces are stuck to push out)

A quick and easy snack:)

He can't stop!


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