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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Train Cake - Part 2

Thomas the Train Birthdays on a Budget Part 2 - Train Cake
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I bought 3 boxes of cake mix at Target for $1 and made the cup cakes. I used the sprinkles and candy decorations from the cake pop mix I bought clearanced during the Target Christmas clearance event for $0.99! I made my own butter cream frosting following the directions off the powdered sugar bag. I bought 3 flavored cotton candy mixed made for frosting at Target for $0.97!

I bought a plastic Train table runner (NLA) from Oriental Trading when they were having a 3 day FREE SHIPPING event for $3.50. This was perfect for my train cake!

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 To make the train cake:
Lay down 2 vanilla cookies, lay a graham cracker rectangle on top, put 2 cupcakes on top of the graham cracker rectangle, then add 4 chocolate cookies for the wheels attaching using left over frosting from the cupcakes! I found it better to refrigerate the frosting and apply cold. I put a dab in the center of the 2 chocolate cookies at a time and added to each cupcake gently pushing together into place to stick to both sides of the cupcake.

I made 56 cupcakes so I used 28 graham cracker rectangles, 56 vanilla cookies and 112 chocolate cookies. Just remember you need 1 graham cracker rectangle, 2 vanilla cookies, 2 cupackes, and 4 chocolate cookies for each freight car! (There are about 30 cookies per bag of cookies and about 32 rectangles of graham crackers in each box...just remember some may be broken when calculating numbers!)

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I bought the candles at the dollar store. I made 3 extra single graham cracker squares and cookies to add the candles to the center of the cake!

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I made my own Thomas the Train Banner see HERE

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I bought the Thomas the Train Birthday banner (actually my mom did for me). I put my sons big Thomas the Train Steam Engine in the front so it looked like it was pulling the freight cars!

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