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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Food and Drinks - Part 5

Thomas the Train Birthdays on a Budget Part 5 - Food and Drinks

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Part 4 - Decorations

The main food was large pepperoni and cheese pizzas from Little Caesar's for $5/ each. We also ordered some Filipino food from Fou lee Market in Seattle (Price ranges from $20 - $75 for half or full pans, lots to choose from). 

The food table had the Snack Station boxes filled with chips and pretzels bought from Costco. I had separated  8 bags of Christmas chocolate chips I bought on Target Clearance for $0.25 a bag so I put green in one pan and red in the other. I also separated 2 mixed boxes of candy canes I got for $0.48 each from Target clearance into a red and blue bin to match the color theme.

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I added some of my sons trains around the room for more train decorations. 

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 I added Thomas the Train stickers to the tins to add to the theme. I also added the forks and spoons and plates to the food table too. I bought them at Costco.

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 I bought cases of water from Costco for the adults and soda bottles with ice from QFC. For the kids I had 40 Caprisons from Costco with Thomas the Train stickers on them and turned around so you only see the Thomas side. 

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 I placed them on the mantel with some of my sons trains around them.

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