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Saturday, January 5, 2013

My 90% off Target Clearance Finds!

Today at Target I took advantage of the 90% Christmas Clearance!
I did not get much for Christmas next year, but got lots of items for my sons Thomas the Train 3rd Birthday party at the end of the month! Red and Green are some of the Primary colors!
Here is the Christmas Bargains!
Here is Justin Bieber wrapping paper that my boys insisted in getting for $0.30!
I got 4 pks of paper plates at  $0.20/e, 4 candy calendars for next year (does not expire until after next Christmas) for $0.29/e, a thomas the train ornamnet for $0.80, 5 lotions for $0.30/e, 2 pk of Christmas boxes for $0.50/e  and a countdown calendar for $0.50.
Here are the items I got for my sons Birthday!
I bought 8 gift boxes at $0.50/1 that I am going to take off the lids and use the boxes for a train (I will add wheels) and fill with snacks for my sons party!
I am going to arrange the lids on the wall and make into a train for the gift area.

Instead of snowman I am going to make railroad crossings, I got the 3 boxes for $0.99/e
I will use the $0.20 ribbon, the $0.30 star confetti, and the $0.50 bells as decoration in trains or on tables?
I will use the red and green tissue paper at $0.20/e for decoration and the $0.49 foam letters as decorations.
I am going to seperate the red and green chocolate chips and put them in dishes for snack at $0.25/e.
These are 2 wine glasses I might put candles in or ? for $0.59
The multi color candy canes I might make into something or break up or keep for self or use as snack??? For $0.48/e
ALL IN ALL I SPENT $22 and saved $183.58!
(Of course I used my Red Card and saved and additional 5%!
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Thanks to All Things Target for the heads up of the 90% off!

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