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Sunday, December 16, 2012

FREEBIE ideas?!


What to do with Freebies?

Many of you probably wonder...would I really use this freebie? My answer is sometimes no and sometimes yes.

What do I do with the ones I don't use?

Put them in a bag labled freebies! Why?

Last year I started collecting freebies over the summer - shampoos, toilet paper rolls, air freshners, teas, coffee, perfumes, etc...

This past Christmas I was able to have enough freebies to put 4-7 items in 10 different stockings!


Save them and use them for stockings, or put into a gift basket for a baby/bridal shower gift (ex. can use bath stuff and buy a few towels on their registery?) That bag was over flowing of cool stuff, some I kept, the others I gave away!


Donate toiletries and or food to your local Food Bank or other organization in your area! Pet food can be donated to pet shelters! So if you do not have the money to donate, do it with FREEBIES!

Check out my FREEBIE page to start saving today!


If I have to pay money, I usually do not get more than what I need. BUT if the items are FREE I do end up with more than I need.

You can share your stockpile out of the goodness of your heart:) Or you can barter...offer a friend to cut your hair for items, or offer candy to children (with permission of course) to help carry in your groceries, etc.

Local food banks can always use food and toiletries especially for their Christmas Program. You can also look up local charities or churches for donations!

And once again you can make gift baskets for baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc! (See below what I have made).

I made a bathroom basket for my sister-in-law. I bought some bathroom towels off her gift registery, then I added bathroom cleaners, shampoo, conditioners, femanine products, and more! Make sure to buy your basket and decorations at the dollar store (or of course on clearence of free:)

I have made a diaper cake with diapers from discount, as well as clothes from target that were clearance. I also added Gerber baby food items I found on clearance! Or you can simply put it in a basket!

A real fun one is the Over the Hill Birthday. You can make a gift basket full of things like: Asprin, Depends, and lots of other fun ideas from your stockpile that relates to 'Over the Hill'!

What have you done with your Freebies?

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