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Monday, August 20, 2012

Earthquakes...are you prepared?

Pack your Emergency kit with some of your stockpile!If you live in the great North West there are not many natural disasters. But there may be power outages frequently and of course an earthquake could happen. You can use many items from your stockpile to prepare an inexpensive first aid kit!

What You Need:

Canned Items and Can-opener (hand-held): chicken, tuna, fruit, chili, veggies, soups, baby food (fruits taste good for all and store easily!)
Car cell phone charger. Last power outage the landlines worked but the cell phone did not! But have a car charger to use your car battery to charge your phone!
Cash. You can’t head to the ATM and its most likely the power is out widespread and no one will take your debit card! Have enough for a week!

Cereal: Make sure it is a cereal that tastes good dry, if you have a baby store baby food cereal too!
Crank lantern, flashlights, and radio. I have a crank flashlight, they don’t need batteries! A lot of time people forget to update their batteries! Good to have a crank flashlight and a new pack of batteries in your kit MAKE SURE RIGHT SIZE for lantern or radio!
First aid kit. Target had inexpensive first aid kits with all the bandages and ointments you need. Aspirin is free at Albertsons often (for heart attacks or pain), and antibacterial gel! Also, keep a week worth of any prescription medicines you may need.If you have small children pack childrens Motrin with a mesauring device!
Games. Handheld games and a deck of cards are easy to put in a first aid kit. Target often has deals under $5! Remember if they take batteries pack extra!!!
Gas stove or portable cooking device: We have a fold up camping grill that we can use in case of a power outage. Make sure you stock up on PROPANE, have enough for 10 days!
GAS: Last power outage gas was scarce, then gas prices sky rocketed! Have a gas can with gas, or if there is a storm warning that you can prepare for FILL UP ALL VEHICLES AND GAS CANS!
Matches and lighters. Keep them in a ziplock bag so they don’t get wet.
Packaged items: Crackers, Read MoreNutragrain bars, pop tarts, hard candy (good for blood sugar), pasta, and condiments. Peanut butter, honey, mustard, jelly, ketcup…anything that doesn’t require refrigeration after opening. You can get a bunch at the dollar store 50% off after holidays such as Christmas, Easter, etc. Candy Canes work too!
Powdered pancake batter. You can cook it on your gas stove or BBQ or portable cooking device.
Personal Hygiene supplies: Toilet paper, femanine products, baby diapers/wipes, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap.
Pets: Make sure you have enough food, water, and or medication for your pets too!
Storage container: After Holidays and back to school specials there are usually great deals on storage containers. Gather your items first so you get one big enough for your items! It is wiser to get multiple smaller ones so it won’t be too heavy to carry in-case you have injuries, or you are pregnant and can’t lift heavy items!
Water: You will need enough water for 3 -10 days per person in your family. If you have an infant that requires formula have enough water and formula for your infant for bottles for 10 days!

***Make sure your items are non-melting items! They could melt in your storage unit or melt if the power goes out during an emergency in the summer!!!
Make sure you replace items with experation dates once a year such as food and medication. Also change out the batteries and update medication as needed through out the year!

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