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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tidbit - Homemade Bathroom/Kitchen Cleaner

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There are several different ways to save money on bathroom and or kitchen cleaners.
For years I have bought Lysol in bulk when it is on clearance. I re-fill old cleaner bottles with the bulk product!.....
But on the Lysol bottle it tells you to mix 1/4 cup per gallon (or 128oz)...
so what is that to an average 1 quart (32oz) cleaner? SO GLAD YOU ASKED:) 
For an average  32oz bottle, you would mix 1 tbls. of Lysol and fill the rest with water! 

You can also add 2tbls. of Vinegar and fill the  32 oz. bottle with water to clean. I like to use this to spray down my shower and tubs to prevent mold and scum!

***Note if you do not have any old cleaning bottles, you can buy an empty 32oz/1qt. empty spray bottle!

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