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Friday, January 8, 2016

Target Christmas Clearance - SAVED $296.91!!!

One of my favorite times of year, the Holiday clearance shopping!

This is my Target Shopping trip! 

I spent a total of $110.96....and saved $296.91!

Here is a run down of what I bought!

3 socks and 2 pairs of pajamas and a boxer!

4 chocolate advent calendars, 2 tapes, 1 tree, 1 Olof talking figure with candy, 2 cups that light up, 1 huge bag for bikes or such, 1 pack of Christmas cards, 3 packs of Olof battery operated lights, I snowman countdown, 1 snow globe, and 1 stocking holder

3 turtle bath sets, 2 packs of shampoo/conditioner, 2 lipsmacker sets, 1 pack frozen body wash, 4 elf chapsticks, 2 batherys, 2 perfume sets, 1 minion nail polish

5 Frozen or Disney Perfume wallet sets

15 regular M&Ms, 6 Peanut M&Ms, and 10 chocolate Santa 6packs
(I will use the M&Ms for my sons Star Wars Birthday Party in January, and I freeze the chocolate Santas for S'mores in the summer)

What did you find this year and where???


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