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Friday, November 11, 2016

Halloween Clearance at Target

Remember after any season or Holiday, don't forget to check ANY store for clearance! Grocery stores, drug stores, department stores, craft stores all have items they clearance! It is a great way to stock up on gifts, decorations for the following year, or things you can use now!

Here is what I found at Target with there 90% off Halloween decor, and 70% off food:)

The big Batman mask was $30 and I got it for $3! The underwear were regularly $8.99 and I got them for $0.89! My older boys enjoyed them:) They also had Finding Dori items 90% off so everything Dori was $0.10! Birthday items were 90% off too! I got some tags that some can be used for Christmas, some clothes pins that will be cute for any party or craft. Straws I will use for a party and the lights (on the right side of the Batman Mask). They even had a 2 pack of glasses for $0,50! I was excited for not just Halloween stuff, but the other items they had too!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, don't for get the Clearance when it is over! It's a great time to hold off on those gift cards and wait!!!!!

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