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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Organize Hair things

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Here are some Extremely Easy ideas how to organize hair ties, head bands, clips, and bobby pins. 
What have you tried?

How to organize hair ties

(1)Save an empty oatmeal canister (or something of that size, you don’t want to use chips for the inside will be greasyJ

(2)Decorate it with a piece of scrapbook paper using double sided tape.

(3)To organize and/or separate color hair ties use either:

Binder clips

Shower curtain Rings

D Cllips

Place them into your cute canister! You may also be able to put head bands around the side of the canister. (Depending how big or little the heads are:)

How to organize hair clips or bobby pins

To organize hair clips or bobby pins, use a shoe lace and clip all your clips or bobby pins to it. You can tack it up on a wall.

For bobby pins, you can also place a strip of magnetic tape inside a cabinet, or on a wall, and stick your bobby pins to them!

You could also put a strip of magnetic tape under your canister lid to hold a few bobby pins!

Please share your hair clip organization skills:)

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