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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Groupon fun weekend!

This weekend I was gone all weekend to the Tacoma dome!

Why? My 9 year old son was wrestling for State Freestyle wrestling on Saturday and State Greco wrestling on Sunday! 

And he took 3rd place in both!

We ended up staying in a 2 bedroom suite at a Best Western Hotel for $89 from Groupon on saturday night close to the Tacoma dome. It was great! The boys got to swim, we had free breakfast, and we could sleep in! 
We actually used this groupon for a fun night during my kids spring break, and we could use it up to 6 times until the end of May. So we used it again! We even got friends to use it too that were also going to the wrestling tournament!

If you are planning on a trip, or just want a fun weekend out, it is nice just to stay in a Hotel for a night!
You can check in late afternoon, just chill, order in, swim or workout....there is no obligations around you such as piled laundry, dishes, etc. Just relaxation!

Make sure to check out Groupon for places you might want to go! Make sure you read the fine print for the dates it has to be used....but summer is coming up!

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