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Monday, March 25, 2013

chalkboard paint FINISHED!

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I have completely finished my chalkboard projects!
Below is how to treat the paint, and what it looks like written on!


Once you paint is dry (I waited 2 days) take your chalk and hold it flat down and cover entire space

Here is what mine looked like treated with chalk, this preps it to be written on smoothly

then with a damp rag, wipe off chalk...may have to repeat several times

Here is what it looks like completely finished! I did this quickly to post a finished project, but I am going to by some chalkboard pens and different colors to make it look prettier:)
I made my own recipe above stove, measaured the 4 boys on the mini wall, had a countdown on the mirror, and made the door into a calendar and ABC 123 board for my 3 year old!

Here is the door with calendar/ ABC 123 up more closely!

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