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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shop clearance if have no coupons!

There are many items that we need that do not have coupons, but we can still find them cheap, but how you ask?

So glad you asked! (hehe) 

In the grocery store there are many places to look for clearance, but each store is different! 
If you have a favorite grocery stores, or a few that you regularly go to, take the time to look all over your store for clearance!....Here are some tips to locate!

WHERE: Stores that have a fresh bakery usually have a few items for clearance. Some are right in the bakery area, some have a shelf located somewhere else in the store.
USE: If I go to the store later at night, they usually have breads, cakes, and donuts. You can shop for what you need for dinner or breakfast the next morning! I do this often if we are having guests spend the night or over for dinner so I can save on big breakfasts, desserts, dinners, etc.

WHERE: Some stores have a little shelf in the fruit and vegetable section, or nearby, with fruit and vegetables that need to be eaten soon! Example, QFC has a shelf for $0.99 with bagged fruit or veggies that need to be bought now!
USE: Make a fruit salad for dinner, freeze fruit for smoothies, by bananas for banana bread (you can even slice bananas and freeze them, so good!) For veggies, use for a salad for dinner, make into a sauce, or stir fry!

WHERE: Any where in your store could be tubs of items that need to be bought, usually seasonal items! It could be food items or furniture, and/or seasonal items.
USE: Remember lots of food can be frozen for later use! And some seasonal items have an expiration date way past the by Halloween clearance candy for Christmas  Christmas candy for valentines, valentines for Easter, etc! Of course some are in shapes of bunnies, etc., but those can be used for treats for your family if you are not picky!

WHERE: Sometimes when there is no shelf room, the store will place carts in the middle of the isles with anything from medicine, books, or food! This could be anywhere in the store!
USE: You could stalk up for flu/cold season, by items for birthdays, or seasonal items for the next year! Last year I bought a few bottles of sun tan lotion for $3.00, regular $12!

WHERE: Items that have to stay refrigerated have 2 places to go. One, they will stick a clearance sticker right on it and bring it to the front (so look in every isle too!), and two, have a small section usually marked managers special!
USE: I have bought lots of meat to freeze (if buying in bulk, separate in zip lock bags and mark date packaged). Just thaw in fridge before use, or can defrost in microwave (I only prefer defrosting ground meats in microwave:)

Hope you find these tips useful for your next shopping trip!


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