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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cheap gift idea!

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Everyone has those certain people in their life they have no clue what to give them. This gift idea can be given to ALL types and ages and under $10!

First find a movie. You can buy DVDs on Amazon under $5 all the time that ship FREE with prime, like 'The Notebook" ($3.99), 'The Blind Side" ($4.99), 'Inception' ($3.99), 'Veggie Tales' ($5.00) and much more!
(Remember Amazon prices can change at any time)
Or find movie bins in store such as Target, Walmart, Bestbuy, etc. 

Next get a basket or holiday decorative tub and fill with tinsel or tissue paper. Don't have one? Check the dollar store or Goodwill!

Finally add goodies such as wine glasses for couples, tea and tissues for grandma, shot glasses for the guys, candy, bags of popcorn, soda pop, hot chocolate packets, mugs, or what ever you can think of! You can find deals in bulk or shop at the dollar store. And walla, a cute gift!

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