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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY sports T-shirt $1

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I am going to the Seahawks game this Sunday so I decided to try and make something cute out of a old Seahawks t-shirt I already had.

Here is what I did step by step.

First I cut off the seams of the neck, arms, and bottom of the shirt as shown in steps 1-4 below.
In step 5, I cut 1/2" inch thick strips (the length is where you want the strips to start, so try on the shirt before hand and measure the right length for you). Cut both the back and front at the same time.
I then used the seam I cut off in step 4 to use as a line to measure how far to cut the strips up.

Next, you want to pull the strips you just cut to thin them out and stretch them!

Here is a picture of the stretched strips verses the untretched strips.

Next you want to tie 2 strips together into a knot about an 1" inch down all around the t-shirt.

Then you want to take both stings from the original knot and tie one to the right and one to the left as seen below

Next you want to cut tool or tutu fabric. I bought a premade tutu from the dollar tree so all I had to do was cut strips because the length was already cut for me! And it is only $1!

Cut a strip of the fabric and stretch it first. You want it to be about and inch longer than your original t-shirt strips, but you are also going to tie it in the middle so the length should be doubled.

Lastly, tie on the tutu fabric into the center of the original knot you first did.

And walla! You just made a cute shirt for $1!

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