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Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Distressed Jeans

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I had a bleach stain on the bottom of some jeans, so I found a way to distress them to use them again!
I am going to the Seahawks game on Sunday so I made them Hawk style!

You can leave them white or use any color fabric pen.

Here is the step by step on how to distress your jeans.

First, put the jeans on and use a piece of chalk to mark where you want to cut.
You will need chalk, scissors, sand paper, fabric pen, and an xacto knife.

to start the cut, fold the jean and make a small snip, then cut along the chalk line

here is what all the chalk marks look like with a few cuts

sand paper the areas of the jeans you want to look worn

here is what is looks like after the sand paper

then around the cut lines you want to distress it with the xacto knife
first you want to use the sharp edge of the blade to scratch the fabric

then you want to use the flat side to scrape the fabric to show the white lines
do not over do it or you will make holes!

Cut off the loose threads
and here what it looks like

then if you want to add color use your fabric pen to color the white distressed parts
color the outside and the inside of the jeans

Here is the final distressed jean!
No more bleach spot and now cute for the Seahawks game!

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