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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Smoothie Recipe

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So I have been receiving fruit from Tiny's Organic and have had some fruit become ripe too fast with our warm weather, so I decided to pit them and freeze them. I have frozen fruits such as strawberries, plums, peaches, many other pitted fruits, and bananas. Then we have smoothie nights!

20oz orange Juice
frozen fruit (8-10 pieces the size of a plum)
sugar or to taste

(makes about 3 tall glasses)


First you need to gather your ripe fruit, wash, cut the fruit with pits into halves to remove the pits, and cut larger fruit into chunks. Place them in freezer zip lock bags and freeze for 24 hours. Of course you can buy a bag of frozen fruit too. 

Next you need to purchase orange juice. I have a QFC right across the street from me, and when I make smoothies I always look for one on clearance because we are consuming a lot at one time so it will definitely be used by the expiration date. I got mine for $2.49 and have to use with in 5 days:)

Then you want to take out your frozen fruit, I put different kinds into on bag to make a blend.

Add about 20oz. of orange juice to a blender and about 8-10 pieces of fruit (the size of a plum). Blend. Add more orange juice if too thick or more fruit if too thin. Taste and then add sugar to your liking. (Depending on your fruit, some may be more sour than others so may need little or a lot of sugar:)
This picture is credited to My 3 year old son erased the picture of my blended drink in the blender, so I had to borrow one:) Thanks!

Makes about 3 tall glasses full!

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