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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Target Clearance Shopping trip 4/6/13!

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So I headed over to Target this evening to look at their Easter shopping clearance and I found a few things!
There Easter Clearance is 70% off at the Issaquah store, and the candy is 50% off!

Original Price was $122.71
I spent $49.57
and saved $73.14!

 Every year  I buy one of those throw away turkey roasters, but I found one for $9.99, 50% off!

At 70% off I found a serving dish from $19.99 for $5.99 that does not look Easter'ish' at all! I got Easter decorating kits for next year for $0.45/e, toys for $1.50 regular $5.00, and 2 books for $0.30/e! Some toys could make great stocking stuffers for Christmas! 

I got 8 boxes of fishy crackers for $0.49/e, 7 bags of candy for $1.59/e which I put all in the freezer for later use, and my 3 year old picked out the cute candy filled egg set for $2.49:)

These were not Easter items but were on the end caps around the store. I got Febreze for $2.48 at 50% off. Command hooks for $1.78/e regular $5.99/e, hot chocolate for $2.24 half off, and a cute basket for $2.38 regular $7.99!

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