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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jellybean Bark Recipe

THIS IS SO EASY! It only needs 3 ingredients

1 package tiny Jelly beans ( I wish I would have chosen a pastel color)
1 package Bark coating 24 oz. (any flavor as long as light white or off white color)
cooking spray 

I chose Brachs Tiny Jelly Bird Eggs

I used Vanilla Bark coating that I got on clearance from QFC for $0.99!

(1) Place foil in a baking pan with shallow sides and spray heavily with cooking spray
(2) Melt the whole package of candy bark in the microwave according to directions on package, then pour onto cookie sheet
(3) Then sprinkle jellybeans on top of  melted candy bark
(4) Place in fridge and let set, about an hour
(5) Break into pieces, enjoy!

Doesn't it look pretty!

Here is it broken into pieces. The kids love them!

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