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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bird Nest Cupcakes and/or Cake Recipe!

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I am very excited how this turned out!
I wanted to make a bird nest cookie but wanted to take advantage of my 75% off Valentine cupcake mix:) So this is what I came up with, "Bird nest cupcakes and cake"

(1) I started off using 2 boxes of cup cake mix (following mixing and baking directions on box)
I made 24 cupcakes (using clearance valentine cupcake liners:) and 1 round cake pan
(2) When cooled, I took a sharp knife and cut off the tops to make it flat and even with the paper lining

 I also cut off the top of the cake and then.....

...flipped it over to become flat

(3) Next I used an edible color mist to spray paint the middle of the cupcakes green ....

(4) Then I used 2 cups of  fresh coconut and spray painted it green to look like grass for the nest

(5) Next I used a can of store bought frosting and put it in a tube and kneaded it for about 2 minutes until warm and softer, you could make your own frosting too but I have a lot of food to make for Easter:) Then I put frosting around the cake and cupcake edges only.

(6) Then over a plate I took handfuls of coconut and put it over the frosting and gently pushed down with my hand to it would stick

(7) then I turned the cake and cupcakes upside down to get rid of excess coconut 

(8) For the cake I added peeps (I would have choose a different color like yellow, but this is what I had) and chocolate Easter eggs, you could use jelly beans or any king of egg shape candy...I put a little but of frosting on the bottom of the eggs and peeps to help stick in place, I added the remaining peeps around the cake storage container 

(9) For the cupcakes I added 3 different colored chocolate Easter eggs to the nest

And that is it! Simple and cute!

The kids love them! Cant wait to share tomorrow!

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