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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Toy Story 2 - Birthdays on a Budget

Do you want a great birthday party for your son or daughter but don’t want to pay LOTS of money?
I am going to share my son’s birthday parties done on a Budget! Hopefully you can use some of the ideas or it will inspire you new ideas! Enjoy!
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Theme – Toy Story 2
This is my son's 3nd Birthday. I do not have many good pictures. But it was still done with a buget. Enjoy!
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I made all the cupcakes. I had bought 3 boxes of chocolate cake mix and lime green cupcake liners (if you use chocolate cake, white liners would be fine because you can’t see the color). I made white frosting and turned it lime green with food coloring. I bought the alien eye balls in packs from Target. The horns are sour green licorice broken into small pieces. The mouth is made out of black cake gel. It was fun and easy!

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My lovely mother-in-law made this cake! She found lime green frosting circle sheets and alien candy decorations for the side. For the decoration we used little toy story figurines, we opened a present ahead of time to decorate the top of the cake! Luckily he was 2 and did not notice.

Birthday Banner

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I bought this canvas banner from ShinDigz. They had a deal for a 18X54 Personalized Banner only $7.95 shipped! I personalized it “Caeson’s 2nd Birthday! And put a picture of him on it hugging his Buzz Lightyear. (and see below)


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Out of the lime green balloons, my older boys made some aliens with a permanent marker, the others we just put around the room. The main decorations I just used Toy Story figurines my son already had and placed them around the room. I found a lot of lime green plates and table cloths on Christmas clearance at Target. So I decided to have the theme based on the Alien from Toy Story 2! I did buy 1 tablecloth Toy Story Theme for the cake table, and a few Toy Story plates and napkins for looks. Put I had dollor store lime green napkins and silverware for everything else! I also bought streamers and balloons from the dollar store!
Pizza Planet sign and Food
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I made a pizza planet sign, but I can’t find a picture of itL I made it out of poster board and construction paper. The lettering resembled the picture above. I placed the sign above the food. Of course we served pizza! We got 10 large pizzas for $5/e at Little Caesars. I also made a caesar salad and had a veggie tray (from Costco). For drinks I bought 6 boxes of Caprison’s and put a Toy Story sticker on the silver part to look like a Toy Story drink! (see picture below, they are on the right of the banner).

Goodie Bags

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Since his Birthday is in January, I bought all the items for the goodie bags on christmas clearance! Including the candy. I did buy Toy Story bags.

That was Caeson's 2nd Birthday! His 3rd Birthday is a few weeks away. So stay tuned! 3rd Birthday Theme is Thomas the Train!

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