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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Personal request, please read:)

Hello my friends!

I am sorry there have not been too many posts the last couple of days. My Husband had surgery on his shoulder and I need to care for him.  I know you all understandJ The doctor had to do a bit more work than anticipated, so he is pretty uncomfortable. If you could kindly lift him up in your prayers that would be appreciated.

Also, I am starting a charity in honor of my best friend, my cousin Sarah who passed away 2 years ago from cancer. She loved children and wanted to help children in the cancer unit if she beat cancer, but unfortunately cancer won. I feel in my heart to carry on her dream. 
We are collecting silly socks to give children in the cancer unit. My cousin loved silly socks….I just started a blog to start recording our journey, it is called We just bought our first few pair of socks. This is a long ways until it is in full swing, but I would appreciate prayer for all the right things to happen to honor herJ

If you ever need me to pray for you I would love to return the favor!

Have a great day!

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