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Friday, October 25, 2013

Waffle Maker Hashbrowns recipe

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Oh my word, why haven't I heard of this before?
Thanks to my friend Christy, we have a new favorite breakfast recipe!
This recipe is sooooo EASY and soooo cheap! And sooooo delicious! 
My boys were eating them faster than I could make them! 
Try it and tell me what you think!

Frozen hashbrowns (keep frozen)
cooking spray
waffle maker
(salt and pepper)

Heat up your waffle maker. Spray with cooking spray. 
Add a layer of frozen hashbrowns (as seen below) and press down holding for about 10 seconds.
Let cook 1 minute, press down again (repeat until it closes completely)
Once closed, cook 2-3 minutes until brown.
Add salt and pepper, remove.

Here is what is looks like complete!
Serve with ketchup or whatever you desire:)

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