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Friday, June 28, 2013

Inside Smores - the perfect smore!

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Smores just for the summer time? No way! Especially for us Washingtonians who experience rain showers often, we need other possibilities to make the Smore!

My son had a friend over during his first week of summer break, and as the rain fell outside, we made smores on the stove top!
Here is how:

graham crackers
chocolate (can be chocolate chips, chocolate squares, etc... I used chocolate bunny pieces I bought
                 clearanced from Easter at Target and froze:)
roasting stick (or device - see below)
*electric stove burner

Directions: (note - if doing this with kids they should be older and have supervision:)
(1) Find your roasting device...we used wooden chop sticks left over from take out, and a **large knifing fork.
(2) Turn the Burner on high heat, when it is red it is ready!
(3) Place the marshmallow on your roasting device and place above red hot burner, do not get too close because it can catch on fire, once you start to see a little smoke turn, and you will get the same perfect looking marshmallow pictured above!
(4) Place your chocolate source and cooked marshmallow between 2 graham cracker squares and eat up!

Now you can enjoy Smores all year long!

*you can also roast on top of a BBQ or camping stove outdoors (remember never to bring items of propane inside or you can get carbon dioxide poisoning!)
**if using a metal roasting device, it will be hotter than wood, use caution when removing marshmallow...never eat directly off roasting device, remove with fingers first!

Did you make smores inside? I would love to hear your tricks:)

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