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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Eggplant Omelet Recipe

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This is a recipe you can mix around a bit. As long as you have the eggplant, you can add ingredients in your kitchen to make it tasty. I have added many different kinds of vegetables, including potato, and they have all tasted good! I love making this for breakfast and for dinner. We serve it with rice:) And best of all, all 4 of my kids love it too!


Ingredients :
6 eggs
2 eggplants (Japanese)
1 medium onion (diced) or 1/2 of a green pepper (or a little of both!)
1 Roma tomato
10 ounces your choice of meat (I used 2 hot dogs and some crab sticks, you can use ground pork or ?)
garlic powder

First, cut the eggplant into fourths, put cut side down into a pie dish. Fill the pie dish with 1/4 cup water. Heat in the microwave for 6-8 minutes, or until tender.

Next, in a large bowl mix the eggs. 

Then cut up all the ingredients (except the eggplant) and add to the eggs, mix well. Then strip the eggplant from the skin and cut up (try to omit as much seeds as possible), add to egg mixture and stir. Add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste.

Then preheat a griddle to 300' or a frying pan to medium.
Spoon 1/4 cup of mixture onto preheated griddle. 

Cook about 3-5 minutes on each side.



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