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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Costco membership for $50 + $55 coupons and FREE items (New and existing members)

OK this was a little misleading before, but now is much more clear. The following offer is for NEW MEMBERS or if you want to UPGRADE (not renew) a Costco membership.

It expires in 2 days on 5/23 so if you are interested HURRY!

You can UPGRADE (not renew) your existing Costco membership or start a NEW Costco membership for only $55 + receive $50 in coupons including FREE items such as:

  • FREE rotisserie chicken (about $4.99)
  • FREE 48-pack of batteries (about $15.00)
  • FREE Kirkland 35 count case of water (about $4.50)
  • + MORE!

To get this awesome deal, sign up to Zulily and enter "Costco membership" in the search bar, and snag this deal! (A $105 value!)

Let me know if you got this deal!

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