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Monday, January 21, 2013

Tissue paper heart wreath made for $0.30!

Heart Wreath

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I had bought lots of red and green tissue paper on Christmas clearance. So I thought, "what can I make for Valentines Day with red tissue paper?" Drum roll.........
A Heart Wreath!

How to make a heart wreath using tissue paper.

(1) You need a wire hanger. Then shape it into a heart.

(2) Get about 12 sheets of tissue paper, color of your choice. I used red. (I got 10 packs of tissue paper 90% off $1.00, so $0.10 a pack, there were 4 sheets of red in a pack, so my wreath cost $0.30 to make!)

(3) Cut the tissue paper into strips 6 inches long, and 1 inch deep. (You can layer the tissue paper and cut SLOWLY all at once, so the paper does not move and the size is pretty even). 

(4) Put tissue paper strip around wire and twist together like a twist tie. It is best to pinch and twist slowly so paper does not rip (you will get a feel for it:) Then push tightly to end...and continue. (The picture above took me about 15 minutes.)

(5) Here is the finished wreath! I think it is a cute decoration for only $0.30! It took me about 3 hours total (I took breaks...rotated laundry, took a phone call, tended to 2 year old, so it could take less time). You can hang it on the wall, door, anywhere you like!

***You can make a circle with the wire hanger and use any color tissue paper you want. You could rotate colors, use many random colors, etc. I think I am going to make a green one for Saint Patrick's Day!

If you make one, I want to see it!

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