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Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Organize Clearance Shopping all year!

Clearance Shopping Organization

When I see items that are 75% or 90% off, my brain automatically goes into future mode. I say, “I can use that for Johnny’s Birthday in June, or mom’s birthday this summer, or…” The possibilities are endless. But often months have gone by, and I have forgotten I already bought a gift, or worse, where I put it! Have you had this problem? Well…fear no more!

2013 Hello Kitty 2-Year Pocket PlannerWhat to do
Purchase a pocket day planner in December/January to start recording your years purchases!(Here is the one I got on AmazonPrime with free shipping for $5.99 2013 Hello Kitty 2-Year Pocket Planner. Use this planner to just record you purchases, nothing else! This is for those who really like to shop ahead of time and take advantage of clearance deals. Then keep this with you when you shop. Then you will always know who you bought for, what, and where!
Example: If you bought mom’s birthday present January 10, but her birthday is July 10. Mark on July 10 what you bought AND where you stored it! You may also want to note on January 10, ‘bought moms gift’.
Example: Sister is getting married June 10. Found electric mixer for $5 clearance January 10. In day planner, mark on January 10 ‘bought sister’s wedding gift.’ ALSO mark on June 10, ‘Sister’s wedding, bought electric mixer, stored in tub in bedroom closet’
If you buy seasonal decorations, say like Christmas boxes, lights, hooks, cards, etc. Write in a blank area at the beginning of the NEXT December the items you bought so when next year comes around and you can remember you already bought those items and won’t duplicate them!

Always have extra storage containers. Usually after Christmas you can get red and green storage containers on clearance, or after Halloween orange and black containers are on clearance!
Use one, two, or more (depending how big your family is) for items such as birthday, baby shower, wedding gifts. Write somewhere on the gift who and what it is for easier removal, and store it in the tub somewhere where you can get to it easy to add and take out, like bedroom closet. (Remember some items may not store well in extreme heat or cold conditions, so store carefully!)
Leave one or two tubs for decorations you find on clearance so they are put away with the other seasonal decorations. Don’t forget to mark your tubs!

If you buy items you aren’t sure who to give it to, use the front cover or back cover of your pocket day planner to record your purchases. Store these items with the other gifts labeled with a question mark. Cross off when give away. These gifts are always good to have! You never know when Bobby-Jo will bring home Jilly-Jane for Christmas and you need a last minute gift!
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